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EdgeConnect - Understanding the Stakeholders

EdgeConnect is working with suburban communities whom have invested in fiber infrastructure, to help them monetize their unused / under-used dark fiber and vertical assets in order to improve competitive services and attract and maintain residents and businesses. Our primary objective is to establish Micro co-location and hosting centers at the edge of the network within the communities in order to provide…

  1. Cross-connect services for ISP co-location

  2. Enterprise co-location services

  3. Enterprise hosting services

    1. CI/CD for Web Applications

    2. CI/CD for Containers

    3. Data warehousing

    4. Realtime Analytics

    5. Advanced analytics on big data


Our unique approach includes…

  1. Working with communities, utilities, businesses, and education to provide direct connections to the Micro Colocation Edge Centers (MCECs), in order to offer both a Public Cloud and Private Cloud experience resulting in the following benefits…

    1. Reduce network latency

    2. Improve data security

    3. Reduce data transport costs


  1. Working with new Data Center cooling technologies and renewable/green power technologies to…

    1. Reduce data center footprint

    2. Increase data center capacity

    3. Reduce power costs

    4. Enable more agile and flexible deployments

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