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Supporting Economic Development with Smart City Infrastructure & EdgeComputing

EdgeConnect is an Ohio based company with the sole mission of extending next-generation-communications infrastructure and services to business-ready real estate and expandable suburban communities. The resulting operations support economic development and create revenue-sharing opportunities through private-public partnerships.

EdgeConnect, helping communities implement the Internet of Things (IoT) in an affordable, profitable manner that benefits residents as well as business.

Our Services

Our Services
Managed Business Services

Helping municipalities create public-private partnerships in order to monetize their under-utilized assets and generate new revenue streams while improving services in support of economic development.

Neutral Host Environments

EdgeConnect works with municipalities & their stakeholders to create an environment that fosters cooperation while enabling competition thus improving community services and choices.

Asset Monetization

By adding sales, marketing, and technology to communities that have invested in communications infrastructure, in order to sell access, space, & power to new businesses and internet service providers, while creating revenue sharing opportunities for cities, towns, and counties.

Network Services

EdgeConnect's micro co-location centers improve the value of dark fiber infrastructure enabling & managing sales of dark fiber strands, fiber waves, Ethernet circuits, and affordable co-location space.

Edge Computing versus Hyper Scale Data Centers

EdgeConnect's incorporation of leading edge technology enables smaller computing centers with greater computing capacity for hosting Big Data Analytics, Virtual Reality Simulation, Video Surveillance Analytics, Data Storage, and a variety of other Deep Learning applications at a fraction of the cost and with lower latency, higher bandwidth, and lower data transport cost than conventional hyper-scale data centers and or cloud services. 

About EdgeConnect

EdgeConnect originated from the renewable and alternative energy markets, partnering with technology firms to provide low cost, off/on-grid power coupled with communications infrastructure for deployment of Micro Colocation Centers (MCC), placed at the edge of the network, within the communities. The principals of EdgeConnect include executive management from several of those strategic partners whom recognize the growing demand for secure and affordable hosting services (SaaS) as well as managing the significant power required for the next generation computing infrastructure


91% of today's data is created and processed in centralized data centers. By 2022 about 75% of all data will need analysis and action at the edge


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